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Altibus Chambery Airport

You can use the form below to book Altibus coach tickets online. The default departure is CHAMBERY Aéroport. You'll have to select your arrival, see the map below, your dates and 'One way' or 'Round trip'. Once you have done that click 'Confirm your choices'. On the next page you'll find a schedule. Available times will be shown as a hyperlink. Click on the times you want and then click 'Confirm your choices'. On the next page you'll need to type in the number of passengers and then click 'Ok'. On the same page you'll have to type in the passenger name and age. Then click 'Confirm your choices'. After that you'll confirm your order. If everything is okay click again 'Confirm your choices'. On the page 'Your informations' type in your personal details and click 'Confirm your choices'. The last page will just be a payment button. Click on it and make your payment.
If you need to go back use the back button on your browser.

Note: This form is an iframe via Altibus, i.e. a window to the Altibus web site. If you have any questions or problems with this form please contact Altibus directly. All booking are with Altibus and not this web site.

Altibus destinations from Chambery Airport.

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