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Chambery Airport to Les Arcs 1800

I am trying to get from Chambery to Les Arcs 1800 and was wondering if there are any buses that go there? Thanks for your help.

For winter 2008/9 Altibus had bus service from the Chambery Airport to Bourg-Saint-Maurice. From Bourg-Saint-Maurice there are free shuttles to Les Arcs 1800. I just had a look at the Altibus web site and as of yet no bus is listed as running between Chambery Airport and Bourg-Saint-Maurice. My guess is that it's early and once the season starts buses will be running again.
If for some reason there aren't any buses running when you travel then I would suggest taking the train from Chambery to Bourg-Saint-Maurice. You would need to take a taxi from the airport to the train station. The cost is about 20-25€. I'm not sure what the cost of taking the train is but it takes about two hours and you can buy your tickets the day you travel.

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