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Getting to Valloire Galibier Ski Resort

I need to get from the Chambery Airport to the ski resort of Valloire Galibier. I can't hire a car and wondered if there was train or bus service that went to the resort?

Your options are, taxi, about 158€ one way, could be more if you travel at night, on Sunday or are more than three people. Private/Shared transfer, prices seem to very and look to be much more than a taxi but I think you might have a bus all to yourself, so best if a group. I work with Holiday Taxis please ask them for a price.
Lastly is the train, you would need to get from the airport to Chambery (20€ by taxi). Then you would take a train to St Michel-Valloire from there you would need to again take a taxi to Valloire Galibier. I’m not sure of the price but I would guess 25€-30€. There seems to be a train every two hours leaving from Chambery to St Michel-Valloire. I’m not sure of the cost (I would guess under 20€) but you wouldn’t need to make a reservation for the train and the trip takes from an hour to an hour and a half. Hope this helps.

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